$120 for a 45 MINUTE CLASS or $160 for a 60 MINUTE CLASS.

Private yoga is for children who prefer one-on-one instruction, children with special needs, or those who are not comfortable in a group environment.  

For private yoga clients, an initial intake assessment will determine baseline level in various skill areas (gross motor, speech, cognition, social) and a yoga treatment plan and goals will be developed.  Progress will be assessed at the middle and end of the session. Sessions will incorporate sensory strategies to enhance the success of the yoga session. This environment allows for transitioning to a group class in a safe and familiar space. Caregivers are involved in the sessions when necessary to encourage carry over of strategies and techniques in the home environment.

Private yoga is also available for any child to focus on relaxation, yoga poses, body awareness, strength, and more.  We can work with your child to meet their own personal goals for success with yoga. 

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