​​"Barbara Burton, Founder of Inner Child Yoga in Newtown, CT is one of the most sensitive and effective childhood educators that I’ve met.  I wish I were young enough to attend her classes with my children. From breathing techniques to body awareness to gross motor skills, the strategies Barbie uses to engage young minds are fantastic. Combining her occupational therapy background with yoga instruction is a simply brilliant concept that Barbie has shared not only with my two young sons, but with our entire community’s children." —Jennifer, Newtown, CT​

"My daughter has been taking lessons with Jessie for a year, and my wife and I are very happy with the enthusiasm, patience, and expertise that Jessie has demonstrated every lesson. Because of Jessie’s teaching methods and knowledge, our daughter, who has special needs, has gained a sense of pride and self-confidence that she did not have before learning with Jessie. Jessie provides a detailed explanation of each technique and shows how it is grounded in sound instructional principles. The skills and confidence that our daughter acquired from Jessie have generalized to her academic and social environments, making her a better student and friend. Jessie is a dedicated educator and instructor, and you and your children will benefit from her teachings." —Joshua, Southbury, CT

“Barbara Burton is so much more than an OT.  My son George presents with high-functioning yet complex diagnosis of ASD.  After several extensive psychological and neurological evaluations, Barbie was best able to really understand my son’s brain function and processing disorder and integrate an OT program that resulted in overall better brain function.  After only a few sessions with her, George was calmer, more centered and more articulate.  Barbie takes a holistic look at each child. Her extensive evaluations result in a customized comprehensive program that includes iLs and a sensory motor program.   Because of Barbie’s program, George is able to stay calm, focused and integrate in the classroom. He is also physically strong at the core and her work has benefited his athletic skills as well.  We have seen several OT’s and there is no one quite like Barbie.” —Anna, Redding, CT 

"Jessica Lippi is a wonderful yoga teacher for my ten year old boy. We decided to try yoga for his anxiety and sensory needs. While at first reluctant, he became relaxed and felt calmer and happier after the first session. I cannot say enough positive things about Jessica; she has a calming approach with children and can integrate fun, playful spirit and relaxation into her sessions. My child always walks away from her classes with a smile and a calm demeanor. We will continue working with her as long as possible!! Thank you Jessica!!" —Julia, Westport, CT

"The reason I like Inner Child Yoga is because it helps me calm down, it is very fun, and I get to see my friends. It definitely earns an award!!!!!!!” —Ryan, Fourth Grader 

​"Ms. Jessie has been working with our son using OT and the sensory motor program for nearly one year.  The clear improvements in his confidence -- the byproduct of his clear physical skill improvement -- has brought us such joy.  We are so thankful to have found Jessie and this program.  He enjoys the program very much, and the quality of life gains for him are priceless to us!" —​Martha, Redding, CT​


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